Today is International Women’s Day!

Tamanna Chowdhury, Case Officer ( Domestic and family violence)

A day to feel proud to be a woman.

A day to think twice about a women.

A day of recognition of the women

Who have done amazing things all around the world. I know the list of names is long and inspiring. But the list I’m referring to is not made up of only those who have achieved things on an academic and corporate level but also we recognize all the women. The mums, the daughters, the sisters. The working mums, the stay at home mums.

The fighter Women’s who are scared to death and yet remain strong for their children. The mums who are trying desperately to be the best example for their daughters.

The women who have been broken in many times but continue to smile. The women who lift others up but cry themselves to sleep at night everyday !

Wishing a very happy Woman’s Day to all the wonderful women of this world !

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