Photography and Cinematography

Premium Photography Services

From your childhood pictures to your child’s pictures to your grandchild’s pictures. From first smiles to first steps to first dates, life can be documented and preserved. Photography captures personal communication that would otherwise be lost forever. At Yes TV, our team of professional photographers will always be 10 seconds ahead of your event, anticipating moments, and ensuring that the timing of the snaps are impeccable. 

A wedding is the most important and special day in every married couple’s lives, and photos are the perfect way to capture those treasured moments. They are the only tangible proof you will have in regards to memories. You want to hire a pro wedding photographer because of their skill and equally important because of the equipment they use. Your amateur cousin might have a nice SLR with a zoom lens, but usually, they will be restrained by not having a variety of lenses and not being of the professional calibre. 

Our experience in the industry allows us to understand the differences between the intricate forms of photography, such as modern, fine art, traditional, photojournalism, and candid shots. Whether you’re hosting a wedding event, or you want some portraits taken for a family gathering, we can offer our sincere skills. 

Timeless Cinematography Services

Even if you do manage to film and record your own video, you still have to contend with post-production. This is a whole new skill set altogether, that requires expert knowledge and the ability to use a multitude of software programs. This process also takes a long time, and many underestimate how much work goes into it. It could take hours of work to edit the footage and add any post-production effects. Audio has to be matched up with the video, and all of the footage has to be looked through to take out any undesirable elements. 

No matter how good the quality of the shoot was, dated transitions and editing in the wrong places can make your video look less than professional. At Yes TV, we can speed up the whole process with our understanding, skills, and experience.

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